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décembre 1er, 2008

10:33 pm - Change of Heart
I've decided that my 50% off sale starts today and I'll also do a flat shipping rate of $2.00. The prices have already been changed to reflect the difference. Help me buy new supplies and celebrate the fact that I got accepted to a new, juried, site called 1000 Markets.
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novembre 30e, 2008

10:28 pm - 50% off Sale and other things
I know, I know, I haven't written here in over a year and I've probably lost the little bit of following that I had. Still, I wanted to post this anyway and start using this account again since I never ever ever want to delete it.

Last night, I was thinking about quitting, but my momment of frustration ended in a brainstorm session that I think was helpful and may make me more productive.

I wrote down in a little blue book I made specifically for ideas for AngelicGems what I want to happen in the next five years. Goals included what I want my yearly income to be, all the sites I want to sell on (I'm waiting for approval from 1000markets), craft shows I want to do and what I'm going to sell where. There was also a list of the supplies I have bookmarked that I need right away if I want to change my direction. Of course, I want to get a tax id for my business, declare myself a sole proprietorship and copyright my name and logo (yes, I actually made one) but all that takes money as well.

Craft show stuff included electric candles, fabric to make table coverings, safety pins to attach the price tags I already bought to my items, mirror and all sorts of other things. I also want to use enameled copper from now on as its more colorful and I'm sure people won't have a reaction to it; I also want to add sterling silver, gold filled and brass wire to what I use already. There were also supplies for beading as I want to mix that with my wire wrapping and though I have a book with instructions that I bought a while ago, I've never learned the art. Also clay, glass beads (I'm leaving semi-precious beads alone for the time being) and books to learn other arts. I didn't come up with prices for the books because I know I can buy them used on Amazon, but the rest of the stuff came up to $245 and some change without shipping.

To make that money, I was hoping that my Black Friday sale would get me some business but so far it has only generated a lot of lookers. I was thinking that perhaps the 10% that I took off wasn't enough for the trying times and that I was going to have to dig deeper if I wanted to move a lot at once rather than gradually like I've been doing. The idea for a holiday sale came to me as I know I want to change the direction of my etsy shop, dedicate it to wire wrapping only, and delegate other things I love to some of the other shops I signed up for and never used. I was thinking 50% off all the beaded items in my shop as that is the type of jewelry that I plan to be getting out of. The glass beads I mentioned before will be worked into wire wrap designs.

I was going through my shop with a calculator, to see how the prices would look with a 50% reduction, and I see that it really wouldn't be too bad. Basically, most of them would be wholesale prices and some would even retain a bit of profit on the materials used to make them. The problem with my pricing, as I mentioned here before, was that I was never sure where to price my items as wire wrapping seems to be all over the place. When I was looking at prices on Etsy, I saw I'm actually on the high end when I thought I was in the middle and yet some of my friends and family members have been saying I'm still too low. With very few sales, I can't really be sure.

This 50% off sale, that I decided will start on December 11th so it can include Christmas while still going to the beginning of January (or until all the specified pieces are gone) like I want, will be my reboot so I can be really meticulous about keeping the books and all that. Some of my material cost is a mystery to me now, but I have new supplies bookmarked and I'll keep the receipts this time and really price my things with the formula I came up with with the help of a spreadsheet. That way, I know my prices will at least be worth my time and effort.

This is the message I've been leaving on my social networking sites:

There is so much I would like to do that will make a new year, a new Angelicgems, a new me. In the spirit of change, I'm having a 50% off sale at AnglicGems starting Dec 11 and continuing 'till Jan 1.

I have semi-preciuos gems, sparkling glass and colorful polymer clay; they're all wirewrapped to perfection and have their own unique beauty just like you.


Sorry that was so long :)
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août 24e, 2007

10:04 pm - I've Moved
Hello, all, you can now find me here:



or just buy from me here


love you all :)

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juillet 26e, 2007

04:07 am - Etsy
Hello, all

I haven't been writing here, or anywhere else for that matter, in a while because I've been sewing more than usual and setting up my ESTY store with the bracelets and the few embroidery items that I've finished. I've met some interesting people there, but I have yet to make a sale. There are examples of what I have to sell in the album I made. I probably won't be updating here much in the future, but I doubt if the announcement will reach very many people. Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well. Later.

Angel out
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juin 16e, 2007

03:08 am - Feeling productive
Good morning (yawn)

I finally uploaded pictures of my bracelets and some examples of my embroidery into a gallery here that I named Angelic_Scripts. The bracelets are what's for sale while the embroidery is by commision only and prices vary depending on how complicated the design is. Please look through these things even if you've never done anything for me before. The bracelets are rock bottom prices (not including shipping), I can take PayPal now and I desperately need the money. Help a college student who has no way to buy books next semester!!! If you need a better individual picture of one of the bracelets, do ask and I'll put it up.

love you all

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juin 11e, 2007

03:55 pm - Aunt Tee
Hey ya'll,

My niece Zhane and my nephew Martin graduated from fifth grade today and I was all like: was I that tiny when I was that age? They sang a few songs out of tune, Martin got an award for highest grades in math, there were a few speakers that I barely listened to and we went to the Rain Forest Cafe where I had shrimp--they had pizza--and we ended the meal with a dessert called a "volcano." The volcano was about four pieces of chocolate cake with a lot of ice cream, whipped cream and caramel lava with a sparkeler on top. It was a graduate's meal even with the machanical creatures making all sorts of noises all around us; I'm hoping that EJ will be the next graduate and I pray that he makes it to high school without anymore stealing or juvinile court foolishness. Also, I have to worry about my own graduation and entrance into the real world as an intern and then as a grad student at whatever university I choose.

note: only my nieces and nephews, and occasionally Jermain, are allowed to call me Tee

Current Location: taking off my shoes
Musique actuelle: The Shop on MTV

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juin 10e, 2007

09:44 pm - Work
I'm going to apply for security at Johns Hopkins again and try to remember to talk about my brother as much as possible 'cause they loved him there and if they mention Sydinkqua I have to say something about myself being more reliable than she is. I think Zell, my sister in law, has a pretty good record there too and since they all still work at Johns Hopkins in some capacity it'll be rather easy for them to vouch for me. Dink is a tech, Zell is a nurse and Tiloy is now a respatory theripist though they all started in security; I hope I'm not expected to aim for such heights. I'd much rather be doing an internship at the Walter's art gallery--or museum--but I need money and I'm lazy about putting up pictures of the jewlry I made and the kind of embroidery I can do. I can put those pictures up tomarrow though because I figured out why my camera wasn't working and the stained floor downstairs should be dry. My brother-in-law, Tonya's husband Brian, is starting his own business and he claims he needs a secretary, but I'm not sure I trust him 'cause he's kinda flacky like her. Anyhow, my application for the main library isn't hopeless, but I won't know anything for another week. At least they sent word that they got the resume that I mailed and e-mailed them. I'm so thorough. My head's not pounding anymore, but my stomach hurts a bit and I wish I would stop having such wierd dreams even if I am breathing in too many fumes of the polyeurothane.

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06:44 am - Poetry
I just finished the written part of my poetry book and I'm going to bed now. Still can't wait to get in the studio.

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juin 9e, 2007

11:45 pm - Music

Sorry to all those who actually read and were able to witness my last funky mood; since no comments were made I have to assume that either no one read it or there were a few people affended by at least a fraction of my cranky rant so I need to appoligise. I do feel better now, felt better later that night, basically Jermain is such a good friend. I wrote a bit more about what was really bothering me in my diary, but Jermain talked me down into my usual calm self though I continued to insist that God must like fucking with me. My evidence started with a dream I had when I was sixteen--during the week when I had declared myself an atheist--and the imagery scared the hell out of me, but managed to get and hold my attention. Jermain said, and kept repeating the message that I got out of the dream: "Don't forget about me because I haven't forgotten about you." Sometimes, I did wish that God forget about me and just leave me alone, but I've found that that is not always the best answer. Death is never truly an escape and silence holds no answer.

Today, Jermain had a graduation party that was really nice. I got to meet some of his friends from college and they were pretty cool; there was Melissa of the curly hair, Courtney who plays piano, Joseph who has a neo-soul voice, and Kevin who help Jermain do his hip-hop mixes on the evil mashine. Of course, many family members were there and I finally got to meet Ms. Jacqui's other half who goes by the name of Aunt Cookie. When I left, Joseph was singing into the microphone over Jermain's light keystrokes and they were sounding very good. I wanted to hang around longer, perhaps make good on the threat that Courtney and I made about rapping on the track, but I didn't want to call my mother too late to come get me. Anyhow, I had a great time with everyone, mingling isn't as hard as it looks, and the next time I go to a thing like this I want to bring an instrument or a song I wrote just to show that I have a bit of talent too. I can do improv pretty well on my clarinet, even on my oboe if the mood is right, and my singing voice isn't that bad. I can't wait to put my poetry on CD just to see what it sounds like performed. I told Jermain that he can play around with my singing voice, but leave it alone when it comes to the prose. Next weekend is King's Dominion and the week after that is Church with his family.

sidenote...Jermain kissed me. It was nothing, just a peck as I was hugging him goodbye, but as usual it got me to swooning; I'm so dramatic :)

***gummie bear hugs, choclate chip kisses and to all a good night!!!***
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juin 6e, 2007

05:06 pm - Crazy
I've been in a horrible mood for a while and I think doing nothing and constant alone time is making me crazy. I hate fucking alone time!!! I'm trying to keep my sanity by writing, but its not working; I was working on my poetry book, typing some love poetry that I wrote a while ago, and it just pissed me off more so I stopped. I'm watching Weeds, attempting to get some laughs, but its really not working either so I was trying to call Jermain and no one is answering. I've already cried twice and I think I know what the problem is. I used to use sex to make this lonliness disappear if only for a few moments, but now that I've declared myself celebate again and I'm stickin' to it I'm having something like separation anxiety. I'm still praying that I find a job soon because if I keep having days like this, I'm sure I'm going to end up slitting my wrists even if Lee is here to knock the knife out of my hand this time. Excuse me, I have to go scream now...

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